Beta Beta is latest test mode and completely new version of the megapopular game. The same favorite Mope io game is only even better. This is not just upgrade of the old modefication, it's new stand-alone game. A new excellent mode get name "Beta" or "Sandbox", and old now called "Classic". In updated mope io the interaction of the game process with common players actions is improved. This means that the feedback of the game to the events occurring on the playing field is improved. The game has become smarter, so it's more responsive and very adaptable to the actions of players.

Nevertheless, the main task is to evolve to the strongest link in the food chain. To do this, you need to eat food on land or in water, and also eat rivals. But the main thing is not to become food for a competitor. All the best and favorite in the game beta remains unchanged. You can determine the danger by hints in the game. The one who can eat you is marked with a red glow. You can eat an opponent who is marked in green. But there may be options, thanks to the use of skills.

Official modes


Beta (Latest test mode)

New improved gameplay and some new animals in Beta game will please all fans of this wonderful game ... 2 2 (New)

All versions of Mope io game you can play and compare. Also you can find a description of the main features and updates of the game ... classic classic classic is the most popular game among io games. In the development of this masterpiece invested a huge number of original ideas ... sandbox Sandbox

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Recently tested Beta modes.

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Mope io Zombie infection

Mope io Zombie infection

A zombie infection that is passed from one character to another is added. To survive you need to take urgent measures ...

Mope io Team Mode

Mope io Team Mode

Mope io Team Mode is another interesting mode of the popular Mope io game. You are united with team mates in the efforts to make your group the strongest ...

Mope io Battle Royale

Mope io Battle Royale

New Battle Royale mode will allow you to enjoy the game in a limited period of time and with map shrinks ... Battle Royale mode: Play on main server Team mode: Play in Beta or Play on main server Zombie infection: Beta Wild: Beta FFA: Beta

About game

The system of interaction with competitors is very diverse due to personal skills that help to hunt and defend. Skilful use of skills is the key to your success. If you know your abilities and the capabilities of an opponent, you can defeat a more highly developed representative of the fauna. Counteraction of all animals with each other is unique. Because of this, the game may seem too confusing. But this is the charm of the game masterpiece To play in its own way is interesting at all levels. That's why you can have fun without having a high rank in the game.

Now you need to develop in a very flexible and diverse world of new Beta. As beafore, each time you move to the next level, you can choose the path of your ascent to the top of the food hierarchy. Your attention is invited to a huge number of representatives of the animal world. You will play on land in water and in the air. Every creature in the game has its own skills. Skills interact in a variety of ways with the abilities of other characters. Interactions are so specific that it seems impossible to describe everything. It takes a long time to understand and remember how it works. This diversity and uniqueness of each game session attracts a significant number of players to unrivaled game of Mopio.

Mope io Beta

Updates and changes

In addition to improving the gameplay system, you can find other more noticeable changes. New got some change in the evolution tree.

The first thing you'll notice is the appearance of bees. This game unit was not in the first version. Change at first glance does not seem significant. But, it should be noted that the presence of bees makes significant adjustments to the game process. There is a high game activity right next to the hives and bee honeycombs. This place turned out to be very sweet and desirable for players of all levels. Here you can meet very strong and dangerous rivals. The reason for all this is that when eating honey, players get a significant amount of experience. If your level is small, then you need to fear not only the rivals but also the bees themselves. Bees are capable of causing significant damage to the low-level character.

The second thing that attracts your attention is this new top creation. In the new beta version the strongest is the bird Phoenix.

But the main favorite feature of the game mope io remains unchanged - it is interesting to play by all the representatives regardless of the level.

The most popular searches: Mope io Beta, Mope io Sandbox, Mope io 2, Mope io new - is aliases of one new mode. Really we have only new and classic game.