sandbox sandbox is a test game mode. It is designed to check and configure updates with gameplay changes. The main components in the game usually remain standard. During the game, you may not even notice any changes because this mode is useful mainly for developers. You greatly help improve the game if you take part in the test. The latest verified version of the game is always available at the main official address

Thanks to the mode sandbox developers have the ability to improve the game very qualitatively. Users help to experience the gameplay in a real game. Reviews and comments are also very useful. The game has very high quality support and is well balanced. Thanks to this responsible approach, the game is always interesting and has a high popularity among users.

In all test versions of the game, the basic idea doesn't change. You need to evolve to the top of evolution tree. To do this, you need to eat and protect yourself from strong rivals. You can entertain at any level of evolution by using personal skills.

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Mope io Battle Royale

Mope io Battle Royale

New Battle Royale mode will allow you to enjoy the game in a limited period of time and with map shrinks ...


Beta (Latest test mode)

New improved gameplay and some new animals in Beta game will please all fans of this wonderful game ... 2 2 (New)

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