Mope io Team Mode

Mope io Team Mode is another interesting mode of the popular Mope io game. You are united with team mates in the efforts to make your group the strongest. Like all novelties of this beautiful project, the team game Mope io initially is available on server. To start the game in Team Mode, you should select the desired option from the settings list.

How to play Mope io Team Mode

The basic rules of the game remained unchanged. You still need to eat to evolve. As in the main version, you can choose the path of development and use the skills. Skills are individual for each type of character. The proper use of skills and your knowledges about enemy capabilities will help you in the confrontation.

The difference in Mope io Team Mode is that you play for the team. All players in one team are united by a common goal - world domination.
You can not damage your team mates, which is indicated by the same color as you. However, you can bite a friend and get some of his experience. Sometimes this can be used to help each other recover.

Look for Team Mode in the drop-down menu next to the Play button.

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