Mope io Zombie infection

Mope io Zombie Infection is a new interesting variation of this perfect game. A zombie infection that is passed from one character to another is added. To survive you need to take urgent measures. At the time of its appearance, the Mope io Zombie infection mode is located on the Beta server for improvement and your evaluation. If everything is good with the game and the players will like this mode, it will be added to the main portal after testing. During the test, additions and changes are possible. Let's see what we have at the initial stage.

How to play Mope io Zombie infection

To the game are added Zombie bots that can catch up and bite a character of any level. After a bite, in characters body begins to develop a zombie infection that gradually progresses. You can see yellow color that appears around the character. The danger is represented by bots and infected players. The fact that the player is infected, you can judge by the red color in the health indicator.
The best way to become healthy is to kill not infected animal. Also, healing stones can help.

Look for Zombie infection Mode in the drop-down menu next to the Play button.

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